Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another alternative eBay

That is-eCRATER?

eCRATER, began on 28 September 2004, California. He began an idea that Dimitri Slavov has a market free of charge. It is a fairly radical concept in 2004.Il is visualized in an easy to navigate with toll for sellers as being an ideal still achievable market site.There are successful February 2010 vision, there are three million items listed on eCRATER.

What are the advantages of eCRATER?

The main advantage of eCRATER is very clear... Price! Since it's a free market, which automatically decline the fees that are earned when you sell your products elsewhere. There is nothing worse than the registration of your product, no one is interested in your product and then get hit with Allen anyway for the terminals. It is so shocking, if they are in other markets, and is ultimately harmful to the sellers.How a market can thrive if sellers are affected in this way? fortunately and thanks to the initiative of Dimitri Slavov occur on eCRATER, because it is a beautiful place that sellers and the acheteurs.parce market that it you costs nothing, it is an excellent place for a new entrepreneur démarrer.Plusieurs times, when a company is in the "startup stage" it is not a large amount of money.additional is the reason why the eCRATER is a good choice for new businesses, because the company not affected with costs that lead a new company to fail in the early additional advantage is that online forum must also be indicated.

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