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Selling products on eBay

If you are interested in selling goods online, eBay may be your best option. This Web site works on a system of auction, where online shoppers bidding on your items. What is interesting is that you have a reserve on your set item price can ensure that you are not forced to sell at a price that is very low. And you can have different lengths of time to accept bids or set a fixed price on your object. In addition, if you are a buyer or a seller on eBay, you should be aware of some of the things that bring you profit.

For sale

First time seller: If you are a seller for the first time on eBay, it is recommended that purchase you a few items to sell your used items. This will help you get a good seller ratings.

Research: before your items to buy to sell on eBay, it is recommended that you search. Take time to browse lists of auction lots and understand types of second-hand products that sell and at what price they are sold, then go ahead and buy only as much of the issue.

Purchase items: some of the places where you can find the items you want to sell, share online, garage sales or the local charity shops. You can also buy other online auction sites. Please keep in mind that your goal is to find products you against a profit on eBay sale.

Prevention of wholesale purchasing: purchase is one thing, but buy big something is another product .inutiles country may only you in trouble. works in other words, wholesale.When a wholesaler that you're interested, let us know on the purchase of large quantities of inventory, they are not even obliged to communicate with you, it might be to accept sponsorship of a loss on a post which you have never purchased the first place.the best thing to do is to buy at the best price is offered. This not only you will increase your profit margin and satisfied customers, but also eliminates the risk of not selling your products.

Buy good market sell expensive: it is absolutely necessary to always stock purchase at an advantageous rate. unless you pass on an element, the advantage over you make when you put for sale.

Buy high resale value items: regardless what you sell, you can only items that have a high resale value.

Buy Small-Sized points: Centre on the sales of these products are of small size.This saves time and money to move objects lourds.Avec eBay "free shipping" policy do you it difficult to sell if you're not able to offer free shipping.

Sell on eBay

Select the correct category: you will find that the number of items on auction sites do not sell .c ' is only due to the fact that they are in the wrong category or not a good description.It is a good idea to buy these items and sell them on eBay for a profit, the description, which is in turn provide a huge amount of buyers.

Spell check: sometimes people hitting the legend of list.buyers keyword specific words to search for the products they buy. However, if the caption is misspelled, it will not appear ever in searches eBay .This will be in turn sales.

Picture Perfect: be sure to well-framed photos of your objets.Si you images from different angles, you are sure to attract more buyers.

Start using cheap sale Manager: beginning of the auction at a low price.buyers on eBay are attention bargain hunters search for the best at a reasonable price.don't forget, buyers more you the profit make you.

PayPal claim: it is always a good idea to request that payments are made via PayPal.This method of payment is a simple way to automate your payment processing as well as keep your record on eBay is very safe and less cumbersome, opposed to cheques and money orders.

After sales

Ship immediately: once you have your goods sold something, you ensure that you send in the prescribed time.This ensures not only that your client is happy, but it brings also him or her back to your store.

Simplify navigation: to submit your articles, it is desirable that you populate your lines of marine transportation.First, choose a sender system, label and scale boxes purchase tape and packing material is required.There are many people who strive to reduce costs consultant free boxes, log or shredded documents used as material packaging and travel to your shipping whenever a packet must be sent, and simplify your navigation certainly agent you will save time, energy and costs.

Types Of Used Goods To Sell On eBay

Selling used goods on eBay can generate quite a profit if you know what to sell. There are a wide range of items that sell like hotcakes and some that don't. As a seller on eBay, you can either put your items for sale by way of auction, or you can simply set a price on the item. Either way, the profits are huge if you're selling the right items. Here's a guide on what items you can consider buying or selling on eBay.


Huge demand: Electronics items, like mobile phones, PDAs, and mp3 players, are small, easy to manage, and are in high demand. Because technology is constantly improving, and there is always production, there is a huge demand for those sought-after gadgets. People who have a craving for owning these items are willing to pay a hefty price for them.

High resale value: These items have a high resale value as compared to other small items. If you are able to purchase them cheap, you are sure to make huge profits on eBay.

Advantage over wholesalers: Another interesting feature to note is that wholesalers do not flood this market as they do with other items. Companies have to pay for the people they employ, overhead costs, among other expenditures so as to sell these items. Buying them and then simply selling them online is a sure way of making a profit.

Safety test: When purchasing used electrical goods, make sure that the item has undergone an electrical safety test. The results of this should be recorded into a PAT (portable appliance test) log book, and a PAT sticker should be attached to the item.

Video games:

Disclaimer policy: If you are interested in selling video games, make sure to offer a no-quibble return policy. Because you are selling older games and testing them can be quite a tiresome task, it is recommended that you list them as "untested." You should also offer a money-back policy if the game is defective. However, keep in mind that, if you make such an offer, it only creates a doubt in the buyers' minds that the product might be faulty.

Purchase a disc repair machine: When purchasing a game that is on a CD, be sure to check for scratches. If there are too many scratches, check the CDs. Investing in a disc repair machine is a good idea as it will remove all the superficial scratches as well as the deep scratches. However, if it is on a cartridge and there is some damage, do mention it.


Selling media, such as books, software, DVDs, and CDs, among others, on eBay can be a tricky business. You should keep in mind the following:

Never Sell Media That You Have Burned Or Copied Yourself: Selling media that you have created yourself, whether it is copied from the Internet or off the airwaves, cannot be sold on this site. In fact, such an activity is illegal and can get you banned from eBay. eBay will first suspend you and later ask questions. Even if the media is yours, you will not be allowed to sell it on eBay.

Specify Media Compatibility: It is important that you mention the compatibility of a particular form of media that you are selling. For instance, if it is a book, specify its language and print size; if it is a CD, mention whether it is factory made from master or burned; if it is a DVD, specify the place from where you purchased it and its standard (VCD, DVD, SVCD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, among others); if it is a vinyl record, mention its size and rotation speed; and if it is a magnetic tape or disk, specify if it is VHS, cassette, microcassette, or diskette.

Antiques And Vintage Items:

Selling used antiques and vintage items is another way of making an income on eBay. There are a number of advantages selling such items.

Interest Of Buyers: Buyers are aware that they can purchase new goods on certain websites. However, what they are especially looking for is unusual, antique, and rare items.

Rarity: Vintage or antiques are those items that are scarcely supplied as compared to other used items. So, those who have an interest for collecting antiques are sure to visit your shop.

Best Price: If something is not easily available, then you can very well demand a good price for it, sometimes even an amount that is out of proportion to its true, basic value. This can bring in huge profits for you.

Easy To Source: There are huge amounts of junk items that are in the world, and some of it can still be sold. If you live in the same town or city, it is easy to source these items.

Affordability Of Stock: If you go to purchase junk from those who want to clear their attics, garages, or basements, they are willing to sell it for a song. So, if you have a place to store it, you can get it dirt cheap.

Selling For A Third Party: If there are certain antiques that you yourself don't want to purchase but can sell on the owner's behalf, you are sure to get your cut, without having to stock the item.

Take Photos: It is a good idea to take quality photographs of your antique items. If you are a third-party seller, you can take pictures of those items, post advertisements of them on eBay, and take a commission for selling the item.

Profitability: Buyers who are interested in antiques and vintage items are willing to pay a huge amount. So, there are high chances of you making a profit from selling such items.

Low Turnover: Selling new items, like electronic products and apparel, is a high turnover business, which is dependent on the fluctuation in market prices as well as changing fashions. Antiques and vintage items do not depend on these factors. They can remain listed until they are bought.

Sporting Goods:

Selling used sporting goods is also a sure way of bringing in income. If you want to get rid of your old sports equipment, putting it up for auction on eBay is a good idea. There are loads of sporting goods that are sold on this site and for a good price. Some of the goods that go for sale are:

Baseball Equipment: Bats, gloves, jerseys, hitting machines, hats, batting helmets, and baseballs, among others are always in demand. Not just that, training aids, like speed sensors, batting cages, videos, and books, are also sold.

Basketball Equipment: Those who are interested in basketball search for the perfect basketball system to perfect their game. From various systems like in-ground pole, portable, and wall-mount, to different styles of basketballs, footwear, jerseys, and arm warmers, among other items are always in demand and can be sold on eBay.

Camping Gear: If you are planning a camping trip with your family or friends and don't want to spend too much on purchasing new camping gear, you can choose eBay to get the best deals. Used camping stoves, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, first aid, and water filtration kits are sold on this site.

Cycles:Cycles of all types can be sold on eBay, from mountain bikes, comfort bikes, kid bikes, and road racing bikes to BMX bikes, low-rider bikes, and vintage bikes, among others.

Fitness Equipment: From free-weight equipment, like barbells and dumbbells to manual and electric treadmills to trampolines and exercise bikes, all can be sold for a good price on eBay.

Golf Equipment: Buyers are usually searching for individual golf clubs or sets of 12, besides drivers, fairways woods, and clubs for left-handed players.

Other Sports Equipment:There are always buyers of sports equipment searching for the best deals online. From football, soccer, tennis, bowling, and fishing goods to racquetball, skateboarding, surfing, and hockey, among other popular sporting goods, you can sell these for a huge profit.

When selling sporting goods online, you need to ensure that you use the correct term to describe what you are selling. The terms that you should use are:

New In Box (NIB): Items that are in their original packaging from the time they have been purchased and have not been opened or used fall under this listing.

New With Tags (NWT) or New Without Tags (NWOT) or Never Been Worn (NBW): As the name describes, equipment and accessories that have never been worn or washed can come under NBW; those that still have the retail tags fall under NWT; and those that have the tags removed but have never been worn can be listed under NWOT. Those items that come under these listings should have no flaws.

Gently Used (GU): Those items that appear new and have no flaws in spite of having been washed, worn, or used fall under this listing.

Excellent: Those items that have been used but have no signs of flaws can be placed under this listing.

Very Good: The items that have been used, are faded in moderation, yet have no visible flaws can be considered as items in very good condition.

Good: Items that have previously been worn, are significantly faded, and have minor visible flaws are considered to be in good condition.

Fair: Products that have been previously worn, have significant flaws, and are faded considerably are considered to be in fair condition.

Poor: Items that are not in a condition to be worn or used with severe flaws, but may have certain desirable elements, can fall under this category.

Note that stains, spots, tears, holes, problems with buttons, zips, and snaps, and fabric irregularities are considered as flaws.

Hobby items:

Selling items of your hobby is another way of making an income online. Equipment for hobbies like gardening and fishing can be sold for a good price on eBay. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when selling a hobby item online:

Know Your Hobby: When you're selling an item, you should ensure that you know everything about the hobby. This will help you to generate sales as you will be able to convince fellow enthusiasts to purchase your product.

Name The Hobby: With every opportunity you get, make sure that you name the hobby, whether it is in one-off listing titles, your member ID, or your eBay store name. This is essential for buyers when searching as well as for purposes of remembering your item.

Give Details: Hobbyists are experts in their areas of interest. So, you need to ensure that you give detailed descriptions of the items that you are selling. Information, like the make, features, model, and condition details, are important for an enthusiast of that particular hobby. What's more, if anyone famous endorses the product that you are selling, it would be an added advantage to mention it.

Take Photos: Taking photographs of the actual item from different angles is important as buyers want to know what they are purchasing. Hobbyists especially are looking for items of quality. If your picture depicts this, you are sure to make the sale.

Make It Your Business: If you can consistently supply quality used items of your hobby on eBay, you are sure to gain a market. Buyers will not search elsewhere for the items. So, in time, you will create a strong customer base.

Update "About Me" And eBay Blogs: If you are eager to make selling your hobby items your business, it is recommended that you constantly update the "About me" page as well as eBay blogs. This will slowly build a customer's trust in you. Buyers will be happy to have gained a supplier who shares the same interests.

Include Marketing Value-Adds: Getting free equipment related to your hobby is something hobbyists look forward to. This is also a way to create your customer base.


Clothing is one of the most-sold items on eBay. When selling your used clothing, you need to keep in mind the following:

Give Proper Descriptions: When it comes to clothing, ensure to mention the size, fabric, and brand, among other details. You need to be honest about the condition of the apparel that you are selling, so as to make sure that the customer you are selling to is not disappointed.

Pack Properly: Shipping of clothes is important. If you use a loosely-sealed, paper envelope for packaging, the item is sure to get damaged in transit. Sealing the item properly ensures that there is no contamination by the shipping environment.


Huge Shipping Costs: Selling used furniture is fine, but you need to keep in mind that furniture is big, and so the shipping costs will be greater. Remember, the bigger the furniture, the more the cost of shipping, and in turn, there are less chances of the furniture being sold. So, if the furniture is too large, it is better not to choose eBay as a place for selling it.

Give Details: One of the marketing techniques you can employ is giving details about:

Workmanship: Describe the materials that are used to make it. For instance, is it made of solid oak, teakwood, glass, stainless steel, iron, polyvinyl, or marble?

Size: Mentioning the height, width, and depth is important as the buyer would like to know if the piece of furniture he or she is about to purchase will fit in his or her accommodation.

Modification or flaws: It is always better to mention if you have made any modifications or if there are any flaws. This will ensure that you do not have an angry buyer.

Get Experts To Pack For Shipment: Owing to the size of the item, it is recommended that you hire help for shipment. Let the professionals take care of packaging the item as this will guarantee that the furniture is intact and there are no damages.


Selling your vehicle on eBay can be easy if you employ marketing strategies, like giving detailed descriptions, and taking photographs of the vehicle from both inside and outside. However, there are certain other issues that you should consider.

Take Care Of Any Legal Loose Ends: If you are selling your motor vehicle, you need to make sure that you have a copy of the title and that it is free from all kinds of legal entanglements. If the vehicle you are selling is of an old model, ensure that it is in running condition and the registration and any other applicable fees and taxes are paid for in your state. This assures the buyers that the vehicle is in good operating condition.

Have A Sales Receipt Ready: Before selling online, it is recommended that you ask your local motor vehicles division for the basic requirements that allow you to sell your vehicle. You need to ask for necessary documentation, one copy which will be given to the buyer and the other which you will keep.

Contact And Test-Drive Information: Unlike other products sold on eBay, a vehicle needs to be test-driven. A buyer will surely not purchase a vehicle without physically inspecting it. So, be sure to mention the address at which the vehicle is stationed for inspection.

Shipping Complications: When purchasing a vehicle, the buyer has the option of either "pick up," "drive away," or have the seller ship it. You need to specifically mention what shipping options you are offering.

Presentation of interest

One of the major issues we receive consultation with students is it important how we present good before ship us the new owners. The response is Yes and no. Let me flip you demand "East case presentation" back to you when you use an object outside of eBay or Amazon, I think that will give you a Yes response. But sometimes, if vendors that we can go above, we must find the right balance.

For example, I've recently consulted with a client who has sold in a very good niche and has very good margins, and they took ages to carefully packaging item in tissue paper and bring a tag tacky cute to keep everyone together and with one hand note écrite.Maintenant it y nothing wrong with this and I encourage everyone to follow the example of the time of the submission package and it is a good idea to have a card, and where a small practice Please note or small gift to send buyers will always remember this and will come back for more.

A good place where the work is where you sell lingerie market he likes when they receive a plot which was carefully wrapped in a pink tissue paper and tied with a small Ribbon and a note written by hand, most expensive item more devrait.Mais return to my customer, she took care of all these elements, but they said was mentioned in the comments, and it had never been e-mails thank.

The reason why no one left his comment was the fact that this market is not expected that they were the element to use for some time (maybe more, but normally only once or twice year).This expected this niche was rapid delivery, they needed for the item to go out and have fun and unfortunately packaged articles enough lost their.Once I had sitting and has explained this and encouraged my client to take a small folder to a field in this niche where it would help buyers, they are suddenly comments and thanks.taking a different angle and the presentation of the element with a free booklet instead of tissue packaging buyers were happy.

If yes the presentation, but lots of things you need to think outside the box and think that the tissue type of presentation and think that you could add that will make your buyers to go WOW.

Penny auction sites are legitimate?

Penny auction sites are online auctions increased by tokens that spread quickly on the Internet. Winners in this compensation often penny auction a much lower the selling price and good prices as follows market are leaving people questioning its legitimacy.

The idea with the auction of a cent to finish the last bidder at the time where that clock strike zéro.La majority of bidder's free not to go in the last price taking into account of the auction ends, but goes to the incessant buy a bid.Although this method may be a little difficult, there are ways for a user to ensure that they are not on a fake auction site.

Cannot log on if site does not have a history of bids in the auction. a way of knowing whether or not use other people by their histoire.Il site must also provide a list of other bidders you easily in Google to decide whether or not that was able to verify this be legitimate users usernames.

You must make sure that the site new testified before the auction winners. Register and purchase quotes, you need to know if people auctions really win in this particular site.

Find an auction site which gives free offers, click the plus sign in., it gives you a chance to try the site, to ensure legitimacy and maybe win something.

Site submission should also contact information for users can accéder.Il is an indication that the company in customer satisfaction.Navigate to a site is opened to requests and complaints and provides support.

Discover there unique submission sites.If the site is a shared model that is used is used by other sites, there is a greater chance that it is simply a modus operandi is earning money from your ignorance.

Try to find a sale auction that is relatively new, but naturally the other sites tend to have less challenge at the auction, making it less difficult for you to win, and you pass a smaller amount of bids.