Friday, November 5, 2010

Multiple Web Browsers for fast output

As you progress from selling a few items a few times a month, to where you are starting to list everyday, there will come a time when you will need to open an eBay Shop, and it is at this stage that you will need to be using multiple Web Browsers in a day. No I am not saying you need to have six open all the item, use your favourite one, but as you will see later there is a need to always double check things. At the moment the common ones in use are Firefox, I.E., Chrome and Safari. Then there are multiple web browsers out there that have been designed for peoples needs and wants.

Web Browsers are used all over the world by people when they need to search the Internet or buy something online, and each web browser, although built to do the same job, takes all the computer code and reads it in a slightly different way. Now normally they all read the written word the same, but when you start to add graphics and pictures they can read them in a different way, and this is where you can have problems.

To help you understand this I would like to explain a situation I had the other day. I was online and updating and doing some research on Facebook when a message popped up and a girl who I was friends with asked if I could help her out as her eBay store was not getting the sales she had been getting. I asked her a few basic questions and it turned out her sales had gone down since she had a store designed for her and she had paid out a lot of money, and was very upset.

I was using I.E. at the time (This was rare, as I normally used Firefox), and went to the site it all looked good, I gave her a few tips on titles, and she had to go, but we agreed to look at it together later on that night. During the afternoon I went to her site and was using Firefox, and oh dear, the site was bad, real bad. Her background, was now the foreground and all the images and text were masked by her pretty design. You could not read anything. I quickly opened up Chrome and the same thing happened.

The time came when she came into the chat and asked what did I think was wrong, poor girl was almost in tears, I said her design was rubbish... more tears and how much she had spent. Then she said it looks ok to me. I asked her to open up Firefox she said she thought she had it on her computer. After a few seconds I heard a scream and more tears, and why what has happened. I explained that her designer had only checked and programmed it for I.E. I took a few screen shots of it and told her to email the designer and get them to change it, for free as this should have been done at the very beginning.

Next day I had an email thanking me so much the store had been changed and it now looked good, and guess what, the sales were back up. So the point of this story is when ever you design something online check everything in Multiple Web Browsers, and make sure it all looks good.

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