Thursday, November 4, 2010

Penny auctions really works?

If you're like me you're probably skeptical to all the requests of people get 99% off the hottest products on the penny auction Web sites. Well, I decided to test one of these sites me to see if it was true or not.

I must confess that I have many years of experience on the regular auction like eBay sites, but it was my first attempt at Penny auction.After reading numerous reviews professionals and consumers, testimonies, I decided to try one of the most credible and reliable 100 auction Internet I could find:

There was a simple and fast registration process where I chose a packet of 250 bid to start. I already knew that I wanted something smaller price for my first attempt of selling auction hoping to boost for my target rate of success.

So for my first auction sale, I focused an 8 GB Apple iPod Nano which sells for $149. 99. in the first place, has been slowly auction sale with no clock in since activité.Si minutes ticked, providing increased rapidly until the last seconds has seen a spate of activity... This is really really exciting!

Finally, the clock reaches zero and after that the situation calmed, I won my first sale auction!I was really surprised at the beginning... with a final $ 19 + charges shipping and approximately $10 to a value of a bid auction price, I got a new entry of $150 for about $ that's what I call an agreement!

I certainly learned much from this experience.but the most important thing is that, after winning the auction staff and retrieved successfully the new item in the mail, I can say safely that the penny auctions certainly work!

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