Monday, November 8, 2010

Presentation of interest

One of the major issues we receive consultation with students is it important how we present good before ship us the new owners. The response is Yes and no. Let me flip you demand "East case presentation" back to you when you use an object outside of eBay or Amazon, I think that will give you a Yes response. But sometimes, if vendors that we can go above, we must find the right balance.

For example, I've recently consulted with a client who has sold in a very good niche and has very good margins, and they took ages to carefully packaging item in tissue paper and bring a tag tacky cute to keep everyone together and with one hand note écrite.Maintenant it y nothing wrong with this and I encourage everyone to follow the example of the time of the submission package and it is a good idea to have a card, and where a small practice Please note or small gift to send buyers will always remember this and will come back for more.

A good place where the work is where you sell lingerie market he likes when they receive a plot which was carefully wrapped in a pink tissue paper and tied with a small Ribbon and a note written by hand, most expensive item more devrait.Mais return to my customer, she took care of all these elements, but they said was mentioned in the comments, and it had never been e-mails thank.

The reason why no one left his comment was the fact that this market is not expected that they were the element to use for some time (maybe more, but normally only once or twice year).This expected this niche was rapid delivery, they needed for the item to go out and have fun and unfortunately packaged articles enough lost their.Once I had sitting and has explained this and encouraged my client to take a small folder to a field in this niche where it would help buyers, they are suddenly comments and thanks.taking a different angle and the presentation of the element with a free booklet instead of tissue packaging buyers were happy.

If yes the presentation, but lots of things you need to think outside the box and think that the tissue type of presentation and think that you could add that will make your buyers to go WOW.

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