Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Realization by Amazon

For most people to sell something on Amazon is a fairly easy as annoying experience. Press the button 'sell yours' over the page and fill out the form. 90 Days to go buy the Moot does not sell, they return to the page and the release for sale. If it sells, they bend, take the post office or UPS, FedEx or DHL) and mailing.

And then there are the people to EEA: completion by Amazon. For us, the process is slightly different. We give the elements we want to sell, then grab all and ship them off the coast of the Amazon to ridiculous postage of the Amazon (an area of 30 books, for example, can often be sent for less than $20). When the box arrives in their store, Amazon used to decompress, analyze the products and place them on the shelf; they are now available to be purchased. When an item sells, Amazon it pulls off the coast of the platform, it is delivered to the purchaser and credits for purchasing for nous.Si buyer wishes to return an item, Amazon deals with it (and unfortunately take money to our account).In short: after fixing prices and post things on Amazon (in a large box instead of 30 small boxes), we need to do the thing!

There is a charge, of course. In addition to the normal Amazon Commission should we pay storage (15 cents per square metre per month, 40 cents during the Christmas season) as well as packaging and shipping costs.

He agreed, however, for various first raisons.La is clear: we do the work yourself! in addition of rates of major navigation of the Amazon, the cost of the material to send over their return shipping cost of it is often less it cost mail only to the customer himself everything.Less obvious is that sellers to fulfilment by Amazon basically the same thing for much higher price (sometimes $ 20-50 $ more other vendors offer the same element) can only sell sellers who do not use FBA;know this tip offers something of an unfair advantage, and a much higher profit margin!).Finally, I Amazon store goods means much less need for storage on our website, which is a specific more in my book!

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